About Us

Medical Air Testing & Services has provided the highest quality of technical services and support to healthcare facilities around the globe. We do our part to insure that our customers both meet and exceed the standards set forth by industry and government regulations.

Incorporated since 2000 (as an affiliate of Medical Air Systems), we have extensive experience that is well rounded and rooted deep within the history of the medical gas industry. With offices located in Denver, CO and Torrington, WY our companies have first-hand experience servicing medical gas systems dating back to the 1960’s, primarily in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Since then, we have contributed a great deal to the growth and evolution of the local healthcare industry as well as played a major role in the development of many safety standards that are in place today.


Medical Air Testing & Services currently specializes in medical/dental gas system testing criteria and mechanical services. Our sales and service staff can assist you with anything from selecting and ordering replacement parts for your patient care equipment to installation, start up/verification testing, emergency services, or maintenance for entire medical/dental pipeline systems in order to satisfy your accreditation requirements and/or local standards.

Our factory trained service staff consists of professional technicians who have extensive experience with medical gas systems and carry the following credentials required by the industry through National Inspection Testing Certification (NITC) among others:

  • ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems Installer
  • ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Systems Inspector
  • ASSE 6030 Medical Gas Systems Verifier
  • ASSE 6035 Bulk Medical Gas Systems Verifier
  • ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Systems Maintenance Personnel
  • ASSE 6050 Medical Gas Systems Instructor
  • Credentialed Medical Gas Verifier